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iCharleston is an international bridge program at the College of Charleston where freshman students study abroad during their fall semester. Throughout the semester abroad, students reflect on their experiences through a travel blog and prompts provided by the Site Directors in each location.

“I have discovered that I can do it. I am here in London and happy. I can do things on my own that I never thought I would have the guts to do. I have discovered that my work ethic can be strong without the support of tutors and constant help from teachers. Study abroad has definitely brought out my adventurous side. I go out and do more. It has not changed me completely, but the culture has definitely influenced me. I will always carry a piece of studying abroad in London with me.” – London student
“I think the act of traveling is important to do in your lifetime at some point, or various points. It can open your eyes to different cultures, traditions, and simply the beauty of the world around you. Without traveling, we would be cooped up in one little area of the world, unknowing of what else is out there…” – Kelowna Student
“I found myself in Ireland over the course of a semester. Studying abroad has helped me better define who I am as an individual. I wouldn’t say that I did a 180 and changed completely but I definitely did a 90 degree turn and adopted different aspects while thousands of miles away from home. It took a couple months in the Emerald Isle to get a better understanding of myself with the help of my new friends I’ve made through the program. I discovered how to be confident, that I have a better grasp on future plans, and now I have a different view on material things…” – Dublin Student



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